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   Humphrey Sipalla


Humphrey Sipalla

Nickname: Sips
House: Athi (Rhodes)
Year: 1995-1998

Memories of School:
Oh!, the fondest! Sunday morning quad, certainly; the spontaneous victory celebration after we won the Rugby National Championships, grudge matches, and the fervour with which the School anthem was sung. I still remember vividly the impresssion the school band had on me the first time I heard it, early 1995... and well, all the nasty little things we did then. Ha! (the Cambodians!)

Since leaving School:
  • Attended Kenyatta University
  • Now working as a sub-editor at a publishing house in Nairobi.

    Living in Nairobi

    (Registered 7th December 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Humphrey, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details