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   Mike Sherman


Professor Michael (Mike) John Sherman

House: Grigg
Year: 1950-1955

The smell of boiled cabbage for dinner that had started cooking at first light. "May the Lord frek the cook/May the peace of cod that passeth all understanding". We all seemed to be hungry all the time and did not much care about religious incantations. "Cheesy Evans" would only eat bananas, oranges, cheese and bread. He was a good man nevertheless! The table was supplemented by antelope, bustard and flying ants. Several of us managed to break into the kitchen one night to steal some bread and cheese.

I had once written an essay about a prostitute, after having read a great deal of Guy de Maupassant and his wonderful short stories, only to discover that I would be summoned before "Flogalot Flakey" for an infringement of his moral standards. In fairness, I was not punished. Later, however, with many others, I was subjected to his extraordinary lecture on sexual behaviour, how to avoid lecherous older women and to be virtuous.

In my last year I won the discuss throw in athletics, an achievement I shall not forget. It was hard work. My good friends, Colin (whom I have found) Alan and " Boet " Van Rensburg are elusive. I left Tanzania around 1957 and moved to Canada where I spent several years working in Waterton National Park and in Alberta. Peace River was a wild outpost in the northern woods at that time and a wonderful place to be. From there to the University of Toronto. During the Summers I worked in the Uranium Mines in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Finishing undergraduate school, I went to New Mexico to work with the Department of Public Health in Santa Fe. I went to Duke University from there with a degree in Sociology and to Appalachian State University for three years. I have chaired the department of social sciences at Flagler College in St Augustine since that time. I have been semi-retired for the last three years.

(Registered - 4th January 2008)

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