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   Mike Rose


Michael (Mike) Rose

House: Junior/Fletcher/Hawke
Year: Jan 1963 - July 1968
Mainly sports of all types, and all the characters.

And of course the senior boys who seemed to be huge hulks with enormous power. In later years it’s sad to see that some of them are a lot smaller than my memories.

The annual EA hockey tournament at the Boma 1965 Easter time, when as Senior Colts we beat the St Mary’s 1st team in the semi final of our section, and they were very good!! (with David Haylock’s (Twinkletoes) help – our coach) – we lost the final against Parklands 1st - but got lots of dances at Impala Club that night.

The rugby games against RVA which were frightening, because they all seemed to be twice our size, but we managed to win a good number – it must have been the intellectual PoW prowess shining through!

Mr Cowie’s French classes out under the trees, where most time was spent on the more important upcoming weekend games against Duko or Saints. And the flying board rubber if you weren’t listening.

Rev Davies’ Latin classes, with the Latin Primer and the Barbarians attacking the ramparts of the Gauls, along with amo, amas amat etc.

And of course the Biology lessons with that very good looking lady teacher (with the dark sultry eyes and long dark hair), whose name I cannot remember. With the large format green text book, and all the detailed pictures. She certainly held our undivided attention as she leant over the bench to check on our practical work.

Then there is Jerry Bromley’s flat 4 Sunbeam shaft drive bike; Stu Cunningham’s BSA 500 Goldstar with the huge GP 2 carb; Dick Berry’s 250 Suzuki that left a trail of blue smoke and oil; Bill Miller’s 80 Suzuki that he let me ride on the murram road next to the main murram hockey pitch – I fell off braking with the front brake, and broke the turning light – not good. Salim Rajan’s Honda 305 which he used to polish with Solvol chrome polish about twice a day. Riding back from the Nakuru bike races (after watching the Rose brothers, Jack Simonian etc) on my BSA 500 Shooting Star with a very nice Boma girl on the back – sadly she probably doesn’t remember. Ted Meerloo’s 100 twin Yamaha from which we both fell off on Adams Arcade roundabout, but fortunately no trucks rode over us.

And where is Eddie Arnavutian? Last time we met was on Crookham Road, Parsons Green, London one Sunday morning – 1971(ish). He had a bright lime green shirt on and was staggering down the road trying to find No 48 – a well known address. He’d been to a party and someone had given him something very very strong and he was having hallucinations. Fortunately he was OK after a few days.

Since then:
Studied in Scotland, went to work on the gold mines and sugar factories in SA, and still love the smell of the cooking molasses.

Did the overland traveller’s route to Oz with Dick Berry, who has a much faster bike now, that doesn’t smoke. Asia was a great education.

Emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, the most beautiful place, on a sunny day. And have been in Oz now for over 20 years – working in construction and related engineering work.

Living in Sydney where there are many East Africans.

Met Sue bushwalking and could see she had a good pair of legs, that could get up Kili. So convinced her that I know where the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. And we are now on our way – on an old BMW 750 bike.

(Registered - 28th October 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Mike, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details