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   Kebabe Rogers


Kebabe Rogers

Nickname: Kebash!!
House: Marsabit (Scott)
Years: 1991-1995

Skiving school through the fence to watch rugby or get a shower when water was scarce.

My most memorable day was my first day at Nairobi School; I got punished by this prefect because he asked me his name and I hadnt the vaguest. I received 30 pressups and 15 squats for that & at the time I was so unfit I was sweating like mad.

What I miss most are the memories, the brotherhood, the solidarity & the experiences. If I could I would relive them all over.

Since leaving School:
Went to USIU United States International University, got myself a bachelors degree in Business administration in accounts and marketing, went on to work with British America Insurance for a year and a half.

Currently (2003) I'm in Western Australia pursuing a Masters in international business administration and enjoying every moment of it. And when I can I get down with the boys on the weekend and have a well deserved drink and reminisce about Kenya (anyone got a cold Tusker??!!).

(Registered - 11th December 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Kebabe, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details