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   Olaf Rodseth


Olaf Rodseth

House: Scott
Years: 1955-1956

Memories of the School:
I was a day boy, for the first two terms of 1955, and a boarder during the last term. The first term of 1956 I was in Scott Senior Dorm, and the last two terms a prefect in Junior House, where Mr. D.W. Minnette, was Housemaster.

My overall experience of P.o W. was very positive, and I am proud of having had that experience. I believe that Mr. Fletcher was a good, and dedicated Headmaster, and do not recall anyone having a bad word to say against him. Also had a lot of time, and respect, for Mr. Neil Chadwick, as teacher, and Housemaster of Scott.

Since leaving the School:
  • After leaving School, went into the Kenya Regiment, and spent four months at the K.R.T.C. in Lanet, near Nakuru.
  • This was followed by a year on a farm in Scotland, then was side tracked to Norway for a year, before attending Cirencester Agricultural College in England.
  • I returned to Norway for a couple of years, and worked for Scandinavian Airlines, amongst other pursuits.
  • Then returned to Kenya and worked for Mitchell Cotts & Co. in Mombasa as a boarding agent, followed by a year or so at the Prudential Assurance Co. in Nairobi.
  • I then emigrated to Canada, and spent 18 months in Vancouver, partly selling Mutual Funds, before returning to Kenya in 1969. After working at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi as Health Centre Manager, decided to emigrate to Australia in 1973.
  • Settled in Melbourne after buying a small truck, and contracted to various transport companies until retiring in 1999. I married a widow, with three boys, in 1985, and though they have all travelled extensively, are all living in Melbourne, at least for the moment. Our eldest is married, and youngest is getting married in March 2009. His fiancee is from Sweden, and they are getting married in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to please both families.

    (Registered - 8th November 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Olaf, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details