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   John Robertson


John Robertson

House: Nicholson
Years: 1963-1965

  • When I left “Princo” in 1965, I went to St Marys School, also in Nairobi.
  • I went back to the UK briefly in 1967 and emigrated to Australia in 1968.
  • In Australia, I initially worked in the ‘bush’ on sheep and cattle properties, eventually settling in Melbourne.
  • I currently work for a carpet manufacturing company, in the commercial design and sales area.

    My memories of Princo are:
  • Buying packets of curry peas and coca-cola from the tuck-shop.
  • The pride in moving from Junior School to Nicholson House, and wearing the “Nicholson” badge on my blazer under the school badge!
  • “Exeat” Sundays every 3 weeks, going into Nairobi to the “flicks” at the 20th Century or Kenya cinemas.
  • One of the teachers, Mr Cowley, had a TV set, which he would set up in the gymnasium every Tuesday night. Boys would sit cross-legged on the floor watching a snowy black and white picture – fascinated!!
  • Morning assembly in the quadrangle, raising the Union Jack to the bugle, played by a member of the school band..
  • Intermediate House changing to Fletcher House for day students.
  • “Fagging” and “Rabble Calls” - etudents of that era will remember these!
  • Sadly, one of the first African students drowning in the swimming pool.
  • Getting up early one morning in 1964 to listen to Cassius Clay fight Sonny Liston, (and eating HP sauce sandwiches!)

    I had two 2nd cousins also at PoW; Bruce and Rowland Allison - they were in Grigg House.
    Bruce is a charter pilot in Arusha, Tanzania and Rowland is in logisics in Perth, Western Australia.

    (Registered - 6th Sept 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details - no e-mail at present