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   Narendra Rajdev


Narendra Ratilal Rajdev

Nickname: Raj
House: Junior Day/Scott
Years: 1968-1972
Memories of School:
  • The pomp and circumstance of Flag parades
  • Wednesday general meetings with “Dollie” and the staff
  • Pompidou turning the corner of Clive house at the Tuck Shop, announcing the arrival of Dollimore (the Headmaster) every morning
  • Art classes with Mr. Harrington
  • English classes with the Junior Housemaster, Mr. Ferdi Keon, with his anecdotes of life as Housemaster
  • Fantastic geography classes with Mr. Minns and Horris
  • Physics with Mr. Whittle
  • Swahili with Mrs. Migwe who insisted on calling Andrew Schrape, Andrew ‘Scrape’ who in turn called her Mrs. Myguwe
  • Playing hooky, taking off from school behind the Swimming pool and going off to Steve Freddie’s place to play cards and eat pancakes.
  • Getting caught by Mr. Harrington while playing hooky from school and having to report to him on our return

    .........This story can go rambling on ..........

    Since leaving School:
    I joined Upper Hill School to do my ‘A’ Levels followed, by a year at USIU where I did my first year B.A. in psychology, in 1975 I left to study at John Abbott College in Montreal, followed by studies in Interdisciplinary studies in the Undergraduate Scholars Program at Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal (Neuropsychological, neurophysiology, computer science and philosophy).

    Since graduating I have worked in computer science, developing and implementing computer systems. In 1982 I came to Mexico to consult with Pepsico (Mexico) and the University of Guanajuato. I have lived and worked in various positions and cities in Mexico since then. At present I am the Director of Systems and International Affairs for the largest private NGO in Mexico called Genete Nueva – Social Programs which has its head offices in Mexico City.

    Gente Nueva has a national nutrition program (www.unkilodeayuda.org.mx) to combat child malnutrition, a self sustaining Rural hospital system, the largest and most successful Microfinance Institution in America (www.compartamos.com and various other social enterprises.

    My wife is from Mazatlan on the Pacific coast of Mexico where we live with our four wonderful children.

    (Registered 2nd Aug 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Narendra, please Click Here to e-mail him