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   J. Roderick Pullan


J. Roderick Pullan, FRSA

Year: 1965-1974

As a Housemaster and Head of Technical/Art Department for the 9 years of my time on the Staff, I saw a host of staff changes and numerous "amendments" to what became Nairobi School before I left in 1974. They were days when the wind of change was keenly felt as times when 8 Oxbridge scholarships were gained in a year as an H.M.C Overseas status and excellence was rapidly changed for a different ethos entirely. During my time at the school I was also heavily involved with Junior games, the Sailing Club and Christian Union.

I designed and made the gates for the main drive's entrance. They were entirely made in extra-curricula time with some boys who heard the evening work, coming to help and do a bit of the simpler shaping of scrolls etc. The main helper was a lad named Lionel from Nicholson nearby. He was superb. There may have been occasional others, but he was a frequent evening helper - usually no others.

The project arose from the sanction of "Gating" for some boarders' offences. It seemed absurd to me that there were no gates on the 3 entrances. So, approval was readily given and materials obtained that was extra to the supplies needed for "O" level courses we had in all 4 craft/art subjects in my Technical/Art Department The two top entrances (B & C Gates) were provided with tubular [2" water pipe, etc] plain gates, plus resources [gas , steel etc and finally masonry, for the more ambitious main gate.

The design legend was shown on a plaque on the right hand stone-work and an askari shelter inside right. Each gate had 8 lower panels for the 8 houses, and 6 upper panels for the 6 forms. The impala heads did not have coinage eyes, they had holes for pupils as that was all they needed and were smaller than coinage. That would have been an offence to use anyway. The hinged end frame member had a shepherd's crook finial bracing to remind of The Good Shepherd "I am the door of the sheep" Scripture reference was also shown on the plaque.

I am now 81 years "young" and there have been many contemporary colleagues I have heard of who have passed away. I have only kept in touch with Rev. Peter Davies who was the School Chaplain and Nicholson Housemaster. He and Tiggy, his wife, now live in South Wales.

J. Roderick Pullan

(Registered - 19th June 2008)

If anyone wishes to contact Roderick, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details