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   David Pringuer


David Gordon Fremoult Pringuer, MBE

Nickname: "Pringy"
House: Rhodes
Years: 1952-1955

I arrived in Kenya in 1946 aboard the Winchester Castle with my Mother and younger brother, Dean, to join my Father David Snr who was a Major in the British Army recently arrived in Kenya from the North African campaign. We were met by Dad at the Kilindini docks and took the overnight train to Nairobi (an exciting experience for an 9 year old as some elephants on the line held the train up for an hour or so) where we stayed a couple of days at The Queen's Hotel before driving to Gilgil where Dad was in charge of some military camp.

We moved later to Kahawa SRD (supply reserve depot) at Kahawa near Ruiru a year or so later, and each day my brother and I and two other boys (the Gulliver brothers) from the camp went in a 15 cwt army truck to Nairobi Primary School where I learned the three ‘R’s. I recall two teachers there:- Miss Murdison and Mrs Tetley. I recall also getting my first ever kiss from a girl under one of the classrooms during break. I think we got engaged too! The most exciting thing for me at the primary school was getting polio and winding up in the infectious diseases hospital for a few weeks. I was popular at school because it had to close down for a while and pupils got an unforeseen holiday at my expense. I also recall having a fight with Alan Root on the road near the police CID office, I think I won, but he gave me a good hiding on the return match the next day. While at this school I along with other boys of my age was fingerprinted and issued with my ‘Kipande’, which I still have to this day.

From Kahawa we eventually lived in a house at Mbagathi which later became the Banda Hotel, on the edge of the game park where a variety of animals roamed freely and lions left paw prints in the flower beds, and also ate a couple of our dogs that were foolhardy enough to challenge them. To prevent the lions getting our horses, their stables were surrounded by a thick thorn boma.

From the primary I went for a while to the St. Mary’s school at Kabete, where I was eventually expelled for consistent truancy (spent largely at the adjacent Loreto Convent for girls). This prompted my move to the Prince of Wales, where in short order some discipline was instilled into me by various cane wielders including Flakey Fletcher, a few other masters, and one Head of House. (I still cannot wear a bikini!)

David Pringuer - Prince of Wales School 1954
In school uniform with his pushy in 1954

At The Prince of Wales School:
  • House prefect, House soccer, House rugby
  • School springboard diving champion 1955
  • Kenya springboard diving champion 1957
  • CCF member.

    Since leaving the School:
  • Joined the Kenya Police as a cadet 1956 at Kiganjo Police Training School ( PTS) saw service at Kingsway police station, Eastleigh police station, Nairobi area CID, Central police station Mombasa, Traffic department Mombasa, and the last 2 years in the General Service Unit commanding a platoon of paramilitary police around the country.

    David Pringuer - Traffic Department, Mombasa 1960
    Traffic Department, Mombasa 1960

    David Pringuer - GSU days, on safari Eldoret area 1962, with Sgt Abdi
    GSU days, on safari Eldoret area 1962, with Sgt Abdi

  • Joined the British army 1964, Mons Officer Cadet School at Aldershot, Commissioned into the Royal Military Police at Chichester Sussex, saw service in Singapore, North Borneo, Germany and Northern Ireland. Married in April 1966 to Margaret Ann Cox at Tanglin Garrison Church Singapore. ( Divorced 1970) retired as a Major in 1980 at completion of 16 year Long Service Commission.

    David Pringuer - British Army 1974
    British Army 1974

  • Joined the Papua New Guinea Constabulary in 1981 as a Chief Inspector Deputy Director Special Services Division, training bodyguards, riot squads, and the counter terrorist squad. Later specialised in security planning for Royal / VIP visits including HM the Queen 1982, HH the Pope 1984, HRH Prince Charles 1984. Promoted to A/ Chief Superintendent awarded MBE in New Years honours list 1986. Resigned after two 3 year contracts to go into the private sector.

    David Pringuer meets Pope John Paul II - 1984
    Meeting Pope John Paul II in Port Moresby - 1984

  • Founded Securimax Security Group based in Mt Hagen , Papua New Guinea in 1987, which grew to a total of 4 companies with a total of some 2,000 employees, and was one of the largest security organisations in the Pacific rim.

    David Pringuer - Australia 2003
    Australia 2003

  • Retired in 2005 at the age of 68 and based myself in England, and in 2007 moved to Australia where I became a resident in 2009, and an Australian Citizen at a moving ceremony in Brisbane in 2014. I now live in Queensland where I am involved in hobby farming, wine tasting, writing, and travel.
    David Pringuer - Mexico 2012
    Mexico 2012
    David Pringuer - Citizenship ceremony Brisbane 2014 (left)
    Citizenship ceremony Brisbane 2014 (left)

    E-mail to Webmaster - 10th June 2008:
    After 34 years I finally made a return trip to Kenya and visited the Nairobi Primary School 60 years after I joined it in 1948. I also went to see the old Prince of Wales School; unfortunately the Headmaster was away, but I had a good look at the main building, the assembly hall, and swimming pool before driving past Clive/Scott, the Sanatorium and the Principal’s house up to Rhodes, where I was a day boy from 1952 to 1955. (Webmaster's note: More photos of David's trip back to the school can be found in the Photos directory - click here

    David Pringuer - in Rhodes House Quad 2008
    David Pringuer in Rhodes/Athi House Quad - 2008

    (Registered - 20th Feb 2006) (Updated - 21st Dec 2008 & 29th Jan 2015)

  • If anyone wishes to contact David, please Click Here to e-mail him