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   Kevin Prince


Kevin Prince

House: Clive
Years: 1961

I remember the inedible meals; I can not to this day look a bread pudding in the face. I remember with pleasure the sport. Rugby and cricket especially and hockey to a lesser extent. I remember the woodworking and using a bandsaw for the first time and the blade broke whipping all over me and the area around me. I do not recall much about the tuition, why should I? But I can still recall the assemblies in the quad. I was caned by some bastard of a sixth former for not wearing a tie, if I could remember who he was then Id look him up. I have a rosy glow of memory about the experience, but then nigh on fifty years does that I suppose.

My father, Eric Prince, taught Maths and Physics at upper school level at the Prince of Wales School in the late 1950's until the end of the second term 1961. He also taught at the 'Boma'. There were very few students who were taking A level physics at either school as I recall. I was at Parklands Primary School and went to the PoW at the beginning of 1961, and was there one year. My family went back to the UK on leave in late 1961 and returned in early 1962. I was always told that because Kenya then had self-government, (independence came a few years later), the education system was changing in EAK from the GCE O and A levels, and it would be better for me to be left in the UK.

I went to school in the UK mostly at Falmouth Grammar School where I did my OLevels. I was half way through my first year in lower sixth when my family left Kenya and came to Australia. About a year later I followed from the UK as a 'ten pound Pom'. I finished my schooling at Hale School in Perth where I played rugby and captained rowing although I had never seen a racing shell before I went there. I went to UWA and read law, coached Hale in rowing for about 6 years, joined the University Regiment, was commissioned transferred to 10th Light Horse RAAC. Subsequently I served 10 years and left the Reserve and more recently was accorded the honour of being the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment. I completed my degree, to this day I dont know how, then articles in Perth, a year in Melbourne, then back to WA and a brief sojourn in Albany before disappearing to Europe.

Along the way my wife Sheena married me in 1970, for some odd reason she is still married to me and we have three grown children, two teachers like her and a doctor. I have practised law in Albany for the last 34 years including a stint in the WA Parliament as local member and for 7 years a minister in Richard Courts government; Aboriginal Affairs; Housing; Health; Police and Emergency Services and Drugs. I lost the seat in 2001 and came back to the law. I am a specialist criminal defence lawyer, anything from disorderly to wilful murder.

I met up with other old/ex Kenya types here when we all congregated to play Golden Oldies Rugby in the late 1980s. We still play; I am the baby of the team. Our general state of knees is such that we now play golf by the Golden Oldies Rugby rules; the owner of the links will not allow rugby boots on the greens but otherwise encourages us.

I have travelled a bit, in China not long after the Cultural Revolution and trekked in Nepal with my doctor in the late 1980s and across Australia by vehicle 11 times as a family.

We live on a small property in the bush just outside Albany, Western Australia.

(Registered - 26th July 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Kevin, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details