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   Antony (Tony) Price


Antony (Tony) Denis Price

Nickname: "Siafu" or "Dudu" - from the "ant" part of my name.
House: Hawke
Years: 1952-1956

Best sport: Rugby, as hooker. Worst sport: cricket.

Fond memories of teachers Walker (maths), for giving me the pleasure of a fascinating subject. Lockhart (music, for introducing me to choral singing which I still do). Audrey Cochrane and Bill Liversidge provided soprano and baritone respectively for "Messiah" in Nairobi cathedral in 1955 with the Kenya Girls' High School, (AKA the Boma). Larthe de Langladure for instilling a love of languages, especially French, into my schoolboy spirit. J Heathcote, who happily whistled an operatic aria as he wrote on the board, and who with Link and Mr Watson, and June Slinger (who could forget her?) fed my interest in science. And Mr Walmsley for taking the Radio Club, and his kind wife for feeding the members of the club when we visited their house.

Some teachers have "got it", and for me those ones did.

I have memories of dangerous experiments with home-made rockets on the upper playing fields near Hawke, of experiments with phosphorous in the radio club workshop, which resulted in enough smoke to attract the unwelcome attention of 'Flakey', (which name incidentally also referred to his bad teeth and the Afrikaans word for mouth organ.) The experiment was carried out in a tin held in a vice, so there was no danger in our carefully conducted experiment.

After school I joined the EA Posts and Telecommunications, for an apprenticeship, then worked in the exchange, and finally the carrier room with multi-channel telephone equipment, including VHF links. I accepted a pressing invitation to join the Kenya regiment, signals platoon, and served the full 4 years territorial. Went to England for a few months, joined British Forces Broadcasting, in Aden. Stayed there for two years, where I met my wife Pat. We were married in England 1964, then came to New Zealand in 1965.

I worked in NZ Broadcasting in studios and transmitters for about 5 years, then in the Chemistry department of Victoria University in Wellington, servicing lab instruments, before shifting to the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Chemistry division again looking after the lab equipment, and designing special items. When ideology took over in 1992, I left with a lump sum and started my own business which morphed into the import and servicing of Forensic equipment for the Police, and wine presses. Now retired, I help out our elder of two sons who took over those lines, and spend time with our two grandchildren. The older one, a girl, is learning violin, so I can help her with her music.

(Registered - 6th April 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Tony, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details