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   Peter Petersen


Peter Petersen

House: Rhodes
Year: 1953-1957

Spent every minute of the day smoking. Could be found in Clive/Scott wooden bicycle shed, down a pig hole widened out to make a den, with air holes to let out the smoke. "10 Centies or Rooster" cigs which we bought from the Duka in the African Quarters of Scots Laboratories at the end of the bottom hockey field.

Rhodes put on an African Safari for Bicycles. The route took us from Rhodes, past Junior Dinning Room, past Clive/Scott Dining Room to the end of the bottom playing fields, back up, past sick bay, past "Flakys" house, turned right up to Rhodes/Nick across to Grigg/Hawke, back to Rhodes via the line of gum trees. Our Team Won - Bill Neish, Nicky Blunt and myself.

I think it was in 1956 that Donald Rundgren, Peter Purchase, Nicky Blunt and myself rode by bike to Kikambala where Donald lived..... in 72 hrs - we had to wait about 7 hrs for the Mtwapa Ferry. It was a hell of a journey bearing in mind the roads were dirt except for the Makinon Road and Athi River bits.

I can't remember the chapel being there, but I do remember collecting for it to be built. Can anyone remember when the Harris family dumped a load of Pineapples off at the School. We made a fair bit of 'pombe' and stashed it under senior dorm floor boards.

Could go on for ever and ever ........ will send more later.

(Registered - 26th January 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Peter, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details