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   Alfredo Pellini


Alfredo Pellini

Nickname: Fred
House: Junior/Intermediate/School/Nicholson
Years: 1964-1969

Memories of School:
I still picture my arrival at Princo on the first day of the 1st term 1964, sweating and panting after 8 miles of cycling. The bicycle was going to be my only means of transport for the next 4 years before boarding for the last 2 years. I was, however, in good company - Willie Pinto, Vic Preston, David Creswell, Nigel Bonnett - all 'day bugs' on bicycles.

Princo has been a wonderful mixture of swotting, satis cards, sport, tuck shop, trades, cane, school dances, societies, debates, rabbles, sandwiches, tea with little sugar, trebor chews, sportsman, tuskers, prefects, loads of friends and comradeship.

Names of friends that come to mind and recall with pleasure are: Willie Pinto, David Isherwood, Mickey Allen, David Creswell, Nigel Bonnett, Vic Preston, Vic Baxter, Mike Anderson, Graham Wallace, Esposito, Thande, Mwathi, Ngotho.

After leaving School:
  • Started flying at Wilken Air, Wilson Airport while still at school (end of 1968), got my PPL and A-levels 1969
  • After a short period at University in Perugia I joined the Italian Air Force in 1971
  • Left the Air Force end of 1980 and continued flying for private companies until end of 1998 when I joined an Italian regional airline until August 2004 (the airline closed down!!). If no flying job shows up I'll be ready to retire February 2005. I think I will have to contact Alastair Stuart for ideas on how to open and run a bed and breakfast seeing he is well settled down in Umbria.

    (Registered - 12th Jan 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Alfredo, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details