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   Tom Palmer


Tom Palmer

House: New
Year: 1948-1951

I was a day boy (Stinker) living in Nairobi, and I remember having to run the 'Gauntlet' in New House for being cheeky to Head of House who, if my memory serves me correctly was "Fraser". I also remember, dare I say it, "Pengi Repinus" (I am not sure if thats how he spelt his name), who was also a Prefect.

I also remember the incident where all the guys scraped the butter from their bread, collected it and then spread it on the Railway line, which in those days passed the Prince of Wales School. This caused no end of problems for the train which had to reverse all the way back to Nairobi. This happened several times before the reason was discovered. Severe reprimand for the School by "Flakey" the Headmaster. The train always had great difficulty climbing up to the escarpment.

When I left POW, I was apprenticed to East African Airways and in 1973 settled with my family in New Zealand. Since then, worked with Royal Brunei Airlines for many years, followed by a consultancy in the Pacific working with 'Solomon Airlines' & 'Air Nauru' in association with Qantas and Air New Zealand.

My wife and I now run Holiday Apartments in Cairns on the Far North Queensland Coast, Australia. We have just completed 5 years here which has been a semi retirement occupation for us. We love it, and meeting people from all over the World.
Please visit our web site www.palmsunits.com.au

(Registered - 19th January 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Tom, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details