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   William (Bill) Paarlberg


William (Bill) Paarlberg

House: Junior/Scott
Year: 1968-1969

Found the web site and am thrilled to read about the old school.

I was at Nairobi School from about September 1968 to December 1969. I was in the 1st Form building (Junior House) for a term, I guess, then at Scott House for three terms in 2nd Form.

My parents lived in Iganga, Uganda, and I would go back and forth on the train. I remember buying some beer on the train and drinking it --- through straws, for some reason --- with some girls going home from one of the girls schools, and getting caught by the nuns. Once at the end of term the train was running hours late so a friend and I went back into downtown Nairobi to a place you could hang out and play pinball machines. By the time we got back to the station the train had left. We hitchhiked up the road and caught up with the train after a couple hours.

I recall Brian Durrad, and Kariuki, whom I fagged for. They were both great rugby players and I looked up to them. Rugby was great fun, I played junior colts with a guy named Omolo and a kid from Korea named Kang. On one of my last nights there, another American kid, Sentman, and I snuck out and wandered around the school for a few hours and then came back to get caught and caned by Mr. David Oxlade, the Housemaster.

I live in Kittery Point, Maine, USA.

(Registered - 30th June 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Bill, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details