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   Kevin Oyugi


Kevin Oyugi

Nicknames: 'Englishman', 'Knockout', 'House Capu'
House: Serengeti (Nicholson)
Year: 2003-2006

Memories of School:
  • The wedgie sagas of my last year ..... it was horrible!!!
  • The pleasures and advantages, as well as disadvantages, of being first a Class Prefect then a House Captain
  • School functions when I was still a rabble; it meant no chores
  • Crust and tuck shop sagas
  • Making new and great friends for life
  • Swimming and the humiliation the team used to go through
  • Rugby games galore

    Since leaving School:
  • Worked as a data transcriber
  • Started my architecture degree at JKUAT

    I live in Riruta Satellite

    (Registered - 30th July 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Kevin, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details