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   Washington Osiro


Washington Marlo Osiro

Nicknames: Washie, Washy, Osiro
House: Junior/Kirinyaga (Grigg)
Year: 1974-1978

Memories of School:
  • The camaraderie tops it all.
  • Fellow housemates - Wahome, Wainaina, Ombeva, Agini, Phandom, Kioko, Ngei and on and on. Great group of people.
  • Then the festivals - Hockey 1st Term, Rugby 2nd Term and Soccer 3rd Term. Those were loads of fun.
  • The matches against Lenana, RVA, Jamuhuri High and Saints also rank up there. I always looked forward to Lenana vs. Nairobi School in Rugby, Soccer & Hockey - the atmosphere was electric!!
  • Half-loaf and samosas .......
  • Debates w/Chocs, Boma, Loreto Limuru, Alliance Girls.
  • Those were some great times ......... with even greater people.

    Since leaving School:
    I am currently a Sr. Manufacturing Engineer in the medical device manufacturing field in Palo Alto, CA ..... home to Silicon Valley. I have been in the field for over 17yrs!! I have lived in the US, mostly California, since 1982. Yikes...... it has been long. Spent some time in Canada (Montreal) and Mexico (Mesa de Otay ...... all work-related sojourns. Loved both locales.

    I went to college in San Diego ..... UC San Diego. Did my first marathon in 1994 and actually finished!! Did my first triathlon in 1998 ........ barely finished!!!. I have stayed relatively active running, biking (road) and swimming. I am yet to marry; come to think of it, I have NEVER been married ....... donít ask!! On the other hand, I am the father of an incredible 5yr old son. All-in-all, I have been totally blessed with health and peace of mind.

    Currently live about an hour from San Francisco in Northern California.

    (Registered - 29th August 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Washington, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details