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   Victor Opiyo


Victor Opiyo

Nickname: OPP
House: Kirinyaga (Grigg)
Year: 1992-1993

Memories of School:
  • The rugby matches were out of this world especially the sevens team of which I was a first VII. Wish I could maintain that level of fitness now.
  • Also Vice captain of the hockey team that made it to the semi finals that year losing to some Jamu Obohos. Received the only Hockey colours that year.
  • Sneaking through the hole in the floor (crawl space under the dorm) from Tedís room to get away from Mr Ondere after skiving prep.
  • Hanging out with the old crew over some tea kettle boiled corn, illegally harvested behind the dorm from someoneís shamba. Crew includes Idala, Anjuri, Mmaitsi, Kipsanai, Salat, Thuku and my memory begins to fail me (Oh no!).

    Took my kids back for a visit in 2007 and couldnít believe the state its fallen into with everyone crossing the Quad like Uhuru Park. Now use it to threaten my son if he doesnít behave!

    Since leaving School:
    Went to Catholic University - BA Social Sciences, then to West Chester University for a Masters Degree. Have worked for Walmart, and QVC among others and currently HR generalist at Shaw Group

    I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

    (Registered - 23rd April 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Victor, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details