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   Gilbert Omido


Dr. Gilbert Rogers Omido

House: Grigg
Years: 1973-1974

Memories of School:
  • Trip to lake Rudolf with State house girls. Still trying to figure out what Mike did with the lunch on our way there.
  • Mr. Akivaga, his car, and the trees he never seemed to figure out how to avoid
  • Mr. Oloo as acting Headmaster. He never needed a loud speaker.
  • The Gil Rogers scandal
  • Mr. Minns
  • Mr. Preistly's Chemistry lab. Someone was always trying to blow it up.

    Since leaving 'Patch' I worked for Barclays Bank for six years before moving to the US. Once in the USA I worked as a cost estimator for four years while studying Chemistry. After graduation (Bsc. Chemistry---I know Mr. Preistly will smile at this) , I worked as a chief chemist for Coastal refineries - 3 years and then as an analytical chemist for Koch Industries - an oil exploration company - 1 year after which I went to medical school to become a dentist. I have been a dentist for the last 12 years.

    I am married with two boys and a girl.

    (Registered - 27th Jan 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Gilbert, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details