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   Andrew Ogutu


Andrew Ogutu

Nickname: Ajuts
House: Tana (Fletcher)
Years: 1991-1994

Memories of School:
  • The day of reporting to 'Patch' walking along the quad after the suitcase had been inspected by the Head of School (then E.K. Karanja)
  • Rabbolisation
  • The day 'Patch' caused mayhem at Saints after we lost a Prescott Cup rugby match in 1992 and a repeat of the same at RVA in 1994
  • John Andrews tournaments in Changes, Blackrock, etc.
  • Sunday quad, being sent to the flagpost was a disaster. I remember I was sent to the flagpost about three times and still managed to skive all in the melee that ensued after the school being dismissed to go to the chappel
  • Doing trades
  • Drama festivals

    Since leaving School:
  • Went to Strathmore College to pursue CPA in 1995
  • University of Nairobi for a BA in Economics
  • Now working for the Government (KRA)

    Living in Vienna, Austria

    (Registered - 3rd December 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Andrew, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details