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   Ezekiel Oganga


Ezekiel Odede Oganga

Nickname: OG - (although it was actually my brother's nickname that was passed on to me)
House: Tana (Fletcher)/Athi (Rhodes)
Year: 1990-1993

I was in Tana House (1990) and then Athi House (1991-1993)

Memories of School:
I had a miserable first few weeks in school because things were tough, what with the discipline drills and being away from home. I even asked my brother to tell my Dad to get me out. After some time I got used to it and went on to enrich my life by playing football, hockey (where I was school captain), rugby (where I was junior colts captain) and music in the band (where I was band leader). In addition to which I learnt a lot of responsibilty as Athi Head of House. The school taught me the skills that I use to earn a living today and confidently interact with my peers knowing thatrthe grooming I got from there was solid and among the best you could get in any school around.

Since leaving School:
  • B Ed at Kenyatta University
  • I currently teach IGCSE French and Physical Education at Oshwal High Scool
  • I have also played rugby (which I learnt at Nairobi School) for Kenya

    I live in Nairobi

    (Registered - 20th Oct 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ezekial, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details