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   Joseph Butch Odero


Joseph Butch Odero

House: Scott
Year: 1967-1971

I was part of the rugby team for Prince of Wales/Nairobi School, we played many schools and won some, lost some. I remember playing against 'Rift Valley Acadamey'. As we were playing, suddenly some funny dressed girls in short skirts came out and were shouting for their team, doing some strange dance along side the pitch. Our team stopped to look while the Rift Valley team went on and made a touch down. We later complained to the ref and he said that the girls were called cheer-leaders.

I remember the first time in chapel, the chaplin came in, in long gown with a young boy leading holding a candle to the front of the chapel. Someone in the back called out, "There gose Batman and little Robin'. When they couldn't find the culprit we were all punished.

1972, I left for the United States. I was in California for 25 years, going to "Vanguard University" and worked there, got married and have three boys. The oldest one is 24, second one is 21 and the youngest is 19.

I came back to Uganda, started a secondary school with over 500 students from all over East Africa. We also have an orphanage in the western part of Uganda with over 300 kids.

I am now known as Joseph Butch Dodzweit and live in Kampala, Uganda ...... and would love to hear from anyone of my year, 1967-71.

(Registered - 25th June 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Joseph, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details