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   Samuel Ochieng


Samuel Ochieng

House: Nicholson
Year: 1969-1972

Being a member of the School Band, (Bugle and Cornet Player), The Bell Tower and the day someone painted the inside of the bell, - Red?!?
I remember Ironside (aka Tin Ribs), Dollimore (aka Pompidou), my chemistry teacher, Mr Omumbo, my English teachers, Mr Keon & Mr Clark; and the Saturday film nights. Great times.

Since leaving School:
I have travelled to the USA and pursued an M.A degree at U.S. International University, San Diego. From there I returned to Kenya, where I set up a private practise, whilst lecturing at Kenyatta University and U.S.I.U, Nairobi. I founded the Psychological Association of Kenya. I was in Kenya for some ten years before leaving again for Britain.

In the U.K, I have pursued my professional career as a Psychologist. I became a member of the RACE division of British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and also became Chairman of the division for two years. I stepped down as Chairman in 2001 as I had served my six years with the division. I have written several acticles for Journals, contributed a chapter towards a book and written a book in Cross Cultural counselling called " In Bed With My Therapists", which can be purchased on ebooks. There will be a second book to follow.

Currently living in Reading, qualifying for a Phd. I have associated myself with Physis, lead by the late Professor Petruska Clarkson, over a 10 year period and in that period have heightened the self developed format of Skiatism and also the implimentation of the idea of an Intra Cultural approach to all therapeutic approaches.

(Registered - 8th February 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Sam, please Click Here to e-mail him