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   Paul Ngotho


Paul Ngotho

House: Elgon (Clive)
Year: 1978-1979

Some memories of the School:
  • Listening to the school band. Has anybody got a tape or CD?
  • It happened in 1979. Some 6th formers sneaked out of school one night to watch The Jacksons on a TV show in a compound to the east of the school, just past the hockey pitch. I was left in the study with some law abiding students. At about 11.00pm, Kimani decided he needed a break. He hid in a bush near the school boundary on the route our classmates would follow on their way back to school. It was completely dark. The fun-lovers were walking back to school talking excitedly in whispers when Kimani cleared his throat noisily and shook some bushes. The boys took to their heels. They burst into the study and told us about their narrow escape. One of them, a Tae-Kwan-Do (martial art) Club leader, demonstrated how he landed flying kicks on the "5 or so attackers" and said he feared he might have unintentionally caused lethal injuries. I was starting to get worried about Kimani when I notice that he had slipped into the study, completely unharmed, and that he was really enjoying listening to the heroic stories of the narrow escape. Few people got to learn both sides of the incident. And, of course, the attack was not reported to the school administration.
  • Never liked, or got used to, the system of allowing senior students to take disciplinary action on junior students. The powers were frequently abused, and should not have been there in the first place. I did not suffer myself as I joined the school at 5th form level.

    Since leaving the School:
  • Studied BA Land Economics at the University of Nairobi.
  • Worked as a Property Valuer/Manager in Nairobi up to 2002, when I migrated to the UK.
  • Working as a Surveyor (GP - valuation and management) in London.
  • Living in Northolt, Middlesex.

    (Registered - 10th April 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Paul, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details