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   Sammy Nganga


Sammy Mwirigi Nganga

House: Tana/Naivasha/Baringo
Years: 1979-1982

Memories: Good

I remember my favourite Form One getaway....... "I have a sister" line from senior (Forms 2-6) 'bashing'
    Senior: So...... do you have a sister?
    Me: Yes
    Senior: How old is she?
    Me: Form 2, like you (My 'sister' was always in the same class as the questioning senior)
    Senior: Say Hi
    Me: I will
    After the weekend (Sunday Off or Long Weeked - Saturday or Sunday)
    Senior: What did your sister say
    Me: She said Hi, and she'll write you
    Senior: That's good. And if you ever have a problem with other seniors tell me, I'll fix them. And to the rest of you (pointing to his classmates) don't touch this guy.
    I suckered a lot of seniors and got 'protection'. (Some are still my good friends today)
    Obviously I never told my 'sister' and she never wrote. DUH!
Profession: Graphic Designer

(Registered - 26th Nov 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Sammy, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details