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   William (Bill) Neish


William (Bill) Neish

Nickname: Known as "Billy" when at PoW
House: Intermediate/Rhodes
Years: 1954-1958

Memories of School:
Many happy memories and none of them academic.
  • Managed to win Coronation Safari with Peter Petersen (see his entry) and Nicky Blunt - I was the weak link but owned the bike.
  • Cross country runs (to have a smoke in the bush), through the hedge to visit Loreto and Kenya Girls High, sports etc etc.
  • Also some great teachers - Dudu, the "Toff", Mr Sims (Art) and who could forget Colonel Loftus and his cry "Get out you lout"!

    Since leaving School?:
  • Migrated to Australia 1960 and became an accountant - who would have guessed that!
  • Took up teaching in technical colleges, managed to have a couple of textbooks published and I now lecture at a university.

    Living in New South Wales, Australia

    (Registered - 11th January 2003)