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   Mumo Mwendwa


Mumo Ikui Mwendwa

Nickname: Mike
House: Scott 1969-1972/Grigg 1972-1974
Years: 1969-1974

Memories of School:
  • School was a ball!!
  • Nairobi School vs Abaluya Football Club where we drew - 1971
  • Jimmy Annan arguably the best goalkeeper Nairobi School ever had
  • Joe Wanjau's statement when sent from Rhodes to discipline Scott House, and made the famous statement "There shall be Days and Nights of Terror" ......Little did he know.
  • Jam tarts, trifle and bread pudding - never experienced them before Nairobi School. By the time I left they were no longer served. Terrible!
  • Smoking in the toilets
  • Mr Oloo - he was a great geography teacher
  • Mr Minns - great Geography teacher, and an even better football coach
  • Mr Oxlade had a strong right hand and six strokes of the cane almost put fear of the Lord into you. I should know, I was a regular beneficiary!!
  • Pompidoo, Mr Dolimore's Daschund dog. That dog had nine lives. I am sure he died in his sleep even after all those attempts on his life
  • Mr Pullen - six strokes of the cane delivered by the steel hand of Mr Pullen made Mr Oxlade's strokes a "walk in the park"!

    Imagine, I actually did something with my life. I am an Architect practising under the name of Mwendwa & Associates, and run a Nairobi pub called Pots & Palms. I'm married and have two kids.

    (Registered - 29th November 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Mumo, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details