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   Michael Kibuchi Mwangi


Michael Kibuchi Mwangi

House: Naivasha
Years: 1995-1998

My fondest memory was in 1996 when the new prefects were presented to the school on a Friday. Our principal then, Mr. Ngatiari, went ahead and asked them to ‘start with fire’. The following day during Saturday quad, all the new prefects with the out-going prefects behind them and no teacher in sight, asked all form two students to remain behind after roll call. The next three hours I can only describe as 'hell' what we were put through. I remember this new prefect from Tana House who came to where I was kneeling, and after shouting something incomprehensible, asked me to swim on the grass. I must say it was the best breaststroke I have ever done!! Remembering this and the atmosphere that was there in the quad always brings a very big smile in my face.

Another memory I will always keep with me is during my first two weeks in the school a 3rd form monitor made me scrub a tree clean using one of those wooden scrubbers and a bucket of warm soapy water. It may sound like bullying, but I must say all those experiences I had (by the way, none were violent) taught me to be patient and how to persevere. Times have changed and such stunts would be harshly looked upon now, but back in those days it was a way of life and our seniors used to tell us that we were having it easy!

I am currently doing my masters degree in the UK and hope to be back home soon.

(Registered - 25th November 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Michael, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details