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   James K. Mwangi


James K. Mwangi

Nickname: JK
House: Tana/Naivasha/Baringo (Hawke)
Years: 1980-1983

Tana (1980), Naivasha (1981), Baringo (1982-1983)

Memories of School:
A lot of good memories, starting with:
  • The food, which rivaled some of the better hotels; Madazi samosa, and samosa-doughnut combos at the tuck shop
  • Swimming galas
  • Periodic movies - I remember the film would break, we'd get a white screen and everyone would be like, "Aaaaah!!"
  • Monari giving colors to folk after FFDS social evening at Chox
  • Beating Kiri 73-5 in an interhouse rugby match
  • A dance group called SHAFT
  • ..... and of course High Life Sherry during end of year Barbecue

    The scarier moments in Patch?
  • Anyone recall that we had days of chicken when the school farm had to cull their stock?
  • Mr Essaji's math class
  • Listening to Litaba's tractor akalas squeaking as he walked through the dorm after lights out
  • Sneaking to Sodom for loaf, mozo, or buzaa!!
  • Walking back from town after missing the bus
  • Teachers I remember - Mr Kanyi, Mr Gikanga (Kasongo), Mr Kibumbu, Mrs. Ngomuo, Ms. Kabetu, Mr. Kinuthia, Mr. Kingangi, and of course, Zack!

    After leaving school:
  • Went for Forms 5 and 6 to Kijabe Boys and Narok High, a time that made me realize how great a school 'Patch' was
  • Then BBA and MBA at The University of Central Oklahoma
  • ...... and since then, have worked for Xerox Corporation.

    I currently reside in Wylie, Texas, USA with my wife Lucy.

    (Registered -25th Aug 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact James, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details