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   Michael Mwinzi Mutua


Michael Mwinzi Mutua

Nickname: Modo
House: Naivasha
Year: 1993-1996

Memories of School:
The worst being orientation to the school, and then it dawned on me that the academic path was not so clearly defined as was the life of achievement in sports, leadership and extra-curricular activities. On my third day as a fresh student, I walked over the grass right after the chapel. I was accosted by the then Head of School, corporal punishment ensued and the rest is never told because that is where it belongs....in the archives!

The best was being appointed a prefect of my house, first as a junior prefect in my second last year at school (third term) and eventually a full prefect in my last year of school.

(Registered - 26th Nov 2004)

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