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   Anthony Muriithi


Anthony Muriithi

Nicknames: Muoski, Doctor, Ondiek
House: Kirinyaga (Grigg)
Year: 1986-1989

Memories of School:
  • being harassed as a rabble; midnight exercises in the quad, getting pounded, pushups, flowerbeds in games kit, hands behind your back and other such entertainment
  • bread pudding and fried eggs on Sundays
  • greasing showers on freezing days
  • paying absolutely no attention in class resulting to Mberia paying close attention to our behinds
  • cheering ourselves hoarse at rugby matches, hating 'Changes' and winning matches.
  • the terror of the "Katabolis" around 1988/9
  • leisurely Saturdays by the swimming pool where we learnt to swim
  • crazy Zach teaching us to play basketball
  • Ms Kabetu and her sweet face
  • Our class teacher and her "my chocolate brown car"
  • Gate X
  • magnificent singing in the chapel in the mornings with the elderly lady who patiently taught us hymns from most of 'Golden Bells'
  • standing for inspection with half beds and open lockers
  • Achoki 'terror of rabbles'
  • pretending to be sick at the 'San'
  • the tuck shop, its 'combis' and the resident hawk

    Need I continue? No question about it lads, "Patch" made you a man!!

    Since leaving School:
    Did two degrees and became a CPA

    Living and working as an auditor in a small town called Githunguri in Kenya

    (Registered - 29th August 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Anthony, please Click Here to e-mail him