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   Francis Muigai


Francis Karanja Muigai

Nickname: Dot
House: Serengeti (Nicholson)
Year: 1993-1996

Some memories of the School:
Just saw the name of the Head of House when I was a 'rabble' ...... Blanco (Leonard Mudachi). It was so interesting having life changing so fast from life as a 'rabble' to life as a senior. If only I could have the Friday lunch rice pudding ..... Oh my! And also the functions that came in handy ..... the 'flose mode' was always memorable.

Since leaving the School:
Just about to finish a degree in Computer Science at Africa Nazarene University. This was another opportunity I got to further my studies while the rest of what has happened before is really history.

I live in Nairobi.

(Registered - 6th November 2008)

If anyone wishes to contact Francis, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details