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   Henry Moseti


Henry Moseti

Nickname: Celica
House: Naivasha
Years: 1992-1995

Memories of School:
I miss you all ..... the whole school. I am what I am today because of you, that is after being chased, threatened ...... the list goes on. I hope Max is well because being chased in a yellow Ford all over the school can be hectic. I can't believe after all me and Max did I still turned out alright (this includes the troops). So to the troops Muita, Saina, Tony Oluoch, Anangwe, Ocholla, our esteemed Head of House (call me when you run for President as I promised to finance the campaign), everyone at Naivasha and my graduating class of 1995 - you have a brother for life. Hope you are all doing well ....... and to the ones we lost, including Bore - rest in peace.

Since leaving School:
I was a Software Engineer with a couple of companies. Also worked with EarthLink mostly during the hot DotCom days, but now I am a Software Architect for SEAL Consulting Inc. in the integration and enterprise Service Oriented Architecture software space .

I live in Dallas, Texas, USA.

(Registered - 19th Feb 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Henry, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details