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   Simon Morris


Simon Morris

Nickname: 'Mog' Morris
House: Junior/Clive
Years: 1956-1960

Although time dims memories I suppose my first impression of school will always remain vivid.

At that time we were living in Kampala, as my father was an Engineer with the EAP&T, which meant that we moved around the three Territories at quite regular intervals. The train used to arrive at Nairobi late afternoon, but I think that we were running late, remember that the Mau-mau was still around and the train did not run at night in case of attack as well as having armed guards on board.

Anyway after arriving and be given your house, I can remember with dismay that I was in Junior whilst one of my friends went straight to Intermediate - then the long walk in the dark with Seniors shouting at you to get off the quad grass to arrive at your future 'home', through a barbed wire entanglement and supposed bullet proof walls made of bamboo and packed mud complete with searchlight tower on each corner of the wire fence. Our dorms in those days, hopefully gone today, were unlined weather-board barrack type building, as were most of the class rooms.

I can remember thinking that it really looked like the prisoner of war camps seen at the flicks in those days, so PoW was really apt and all quite exciting really to a 12 year old.

In Kampala the only other school friends I can remember were the Stanley twins whose father was something big in the Coffee Marketing Board, a Marcus Adams, John Cook; there must have been others but their names have faded, and of course Tainsh (?) who was a lot older and Head of Clive.

After a while we moved to Mombasa and onto Senior house ......I will continue my ramblings at a later date.

I have just finished reading "Memories of School"by Roy Cordell - I was in Clive house at the same time as Roy - we are still friends to this day. We were in Cadets together. I was known as Mog Morris - would love to renew old friends.

Have lived in Australia for over 30 years, having left Kenya in the early 1960's, now for a change of scenery we are living in South Wales , UK- would love to know of any contact addresses of ex-Kenyans around this area.

(Registered 9th July 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Simon, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details