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   Paul Morris


Paul Morris

Nickname: Moggy
House: Clive
Years: 1952-1956

Memories: Headmaster was Percy Fletcher (Pink Percy)
Some of my teachers were:
  • Mr Forrest (Bush)....Maths
  • "Dougal" Gammie....English, Assistant Housemaster-Clive in 1953
  • Mr Seldon (Missing Link)....Science, Assistant Housemaster-Clive in 1956
  • Johnny Riddell....P.T.
  • Ken Fyfe....Housemaster also in charge of CCF
  • Mr J. Cave....Assistant Housemaster-Clive in 1956
  • June Slinger.... Biology, she was a looker.
  • Mr Warmsley?....Geography - was he the Galloping Tapeworm?
  • There must have been others but their names have escaped me!

  • The sight of Pink Percy running to take morning assembly, he always seemed to be late, with pieces of tissue paper on his chin where he had cut himself shaving!
  • Who could forget Dougal Gammie taking House prayers one evening and ending with the remark "Nicodemus came unto Jesus and said 'Pocketmoney will be available after lunch tomorrow!' Rumour had it that he liked a drink or two after the day's work.
  • I remember during a CCF parade, the order was given to remove bayonets, some guy did right up his nose (he happened to be bending over as the bayonet was a bit tight!).
  • Getting used to the Barbed wire entanglements that were put up for the emergency.
  • Percy Fletcher talk about sex to the boys who were leaving school - it was a bit embarrassing as we thought we knew it all!

    I was in the Kenya Regiment - No 10 Compulsory Military Training Course from 27 January to 28 June 1958 and I still have the group photo of that great bunch of guys.

    After I left school I started work at EAR&H as an apprentice. Then I went to The African Mercantile Co in Mombasa, and ended up in Nairobi working for Dalgety and Co.
    My brother Simon (also Clive from 1956-1960) and I emigrated to Western Australia in May 1962. I married a West Aussie girl, and have three children and two grandchildren.

    I am still living in WA and over the years I have been a farm labourer, a stock and station employee, a pest control operator, a roadside cafe worker, a 'lumper' (waterside worker), a pay clerk and jetty supervisor, been on the dole for six months, a security guard for a very short time, a leathercraft teacher and eventually I wised up and went to teacher training college for three years. I have been a Manual Arts, (or as it is these days Design and Technology) teacher for the last 22 years and I retired at the end of 2002!

    (Registered - 8th February 2004)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Paul, please Click Here to e-mail him