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   Eddie Mole


Frederick Edward Fisher Mole

Nicknames: Earthworm, Eddie
House: Junior/Intermediate/Scott
Years: 1958-1961

  • PE, Johnny Riddel giving out 'Horace' for forgetting my PE kit, or pulling the bullock cart for other 'Offences'
  • The building and consecration of the school Chapel.
  • Breaking up early when the Belgian Congo erupted.
  • Being caned by 'Jake' for beating up the pupils fron Massey Bloomfield's School
  • Spending most Sats in detention for something or other.
  • Travelling to Mombasa on the 'School Train'. My father Erick Mole who was woodwork master at Nairobi Primary School, his nickname was 'Two minutes' as escort.

    Since leaving School:
  • Left Kenya just before Uhuru. Travelled South Africa. Settled in UK 1963 - married, divorced, remarried and settled in Sandhurst, Kent.
  • Worked for the Directorate of Telecommunications, which was taken over by NTL, which has just been taken over by an Australian Bank. Very dull same job for 35 years.

    (Registered - 5th June 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Eddie, please Click Here to e-mail him