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   Brian G. McIntosh


Brian G. McIntosh

Nickname: Mac
House: Rhodes
Years: 3rd term 1953 - end of 1959

Head of House and Head of School

Image of Brian McIntosh - 1959
Brian McIntosh - 1959

Memories of the School:
  • Geoffrey Danby, murdered by Mau Mau terrorists in 1953 or '54. There was a pew in the chapel in his memory.
  • The whole School turning out to sit on the sports field just before lunch in 1955 to watch a helicopter land near the murram hockey pitch, bringing an injured soldier from the Aberdares to be picked up and taken to the nearby Military Hospital. It was the first helicopter most of us had ever seen.
  • Old Cambrian Roger Whitaker performing in the School Hall during a fete in 1958 to raise money for a new School Chapel.
  • Headmaster Philip Fletcher's Tuesday afternoon work parties to clean up and maintain the grounds.
  • Alan Root coming to school with a bushbaby tucked inside his shirt.
  • English teacher, Dougal Gammie's morning hangovers in class.
  • The polio epidemic of 1955 that affected St. Mary's the most but which put one of our boys in the hospital: all sports were cancelled, and we had to sleep with our beds head to toe in the dorms. Everyone became a hypochondriac, waking up with a stiff neck in the morning and fearing the worst.
  • Tony Levy, superb athlete and all-round first class bloke, who took parties of Rhodes House boys up Kilimanjaro for their first attempts, and who died in a climbing accident on Mt. Kenya in 1960.

    Since leaving school, I have done the following:
      - Kenya Regiment 1960
      - Attended University of Edinburgh, graduating MA Hons History in 1964
      - Taught History at the University College Nairobi 1965-1969
      - Graduated Ph.D. from Edinburgh in 1969
      - Dabbled in the Safari business 1970-1973
      - Emigrated to Pennsylvania, USA, in 1973
      - Worked in Banking in PA, 1974-1997.
      - Business Consultant 1998-2001.
      - Now retired and writing a memoir of growing up in Kenya
      - Married 1982 to Gigi. Two children, Charlotte (born 1985) and Cameron (born 1987)
    Living in Reading (Pennsylvania, USA).

    (Registered - 17th July 2003)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Brian, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details