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   Brian McCabe


Brian Richard McCabe

Nickname: Mkebe/Mkopo
House: Grigg
Years: 1942-1945

Memories of my time at the Pince of Wales School are all positive. I doubt we could have had a better education anywhere. Discipline was strict and administered without fear or favour.

At 08.10 the bell in the clock tower summoned assembly by classes in the corridors facing the Quad and the Flag was raised as reveille was sounded by the bugler. Classes then marched to Assembly in the Hall as the school band played in the Quad. There was a short address and prayer followed by a hymn, accompanied by Mrs Stokes (French teacher) on the piano. The one hymn that was always sung with great gusto, sung on the last day of term, commenced ' Lord dimiss us with thy blessing.......' and pupils then dispersed to their respective class rooms.

At 1800 the 'Retreat' was sounded and the Flag lowered. As this was in progress everybody, wherever they happened to be, was obliged to stand to 'attention', those failing to do so copping it.

Membership of the O.T.C. (Officer Training Corps), as the cadet corps was called in those days, was compulsory, as was the playing of sport, and could only be avoided by the intervention of a parent. There were three Companies and nine platoons, I was in number 9. Major 'Bush' Forrest was the OC, ably assisted by Capt. 'Ginger' Gledhill, Capt. Bill Stewart and Lieut. 'Dill' Hill. An 'elite' platoon drawn from the three Companies was trained as Guard Of Honour for 'Empire Day' for inspection by the Governor of Kenya. Empire Day was a day of considerable celebration. The School had an 'open day' and lots of fond parents attended, the performance by the Guard of Honour being a particular attraction.

The staff I remember were:
  • B.A. Astley, Headmaster
  • R.A. James (History)
  • Mrs. Stokes (French)
  • Mr. E. Stokes (English)
  • W. Cheadle (English)
  • P. Fletcher, succeeded Astley as Headmaster in 1945.
  • E.K. Light (Biology)
  • 'Whiskers' Watson, (Science)
  • 'Bush' Forrest, (Maths)
  • 'Ginger' Gledhill, (Maths)
  • 'Daisy' McLean, (English)
  • 'Johnny' Johnson, later Head of the Aga Khan High School in Nairobi, prior to retirement in Australia, an outstanding teacher, an Australian Rhodes Scholar ( Merton College, Oxford). He was much respected. My wife Valerie, née Stanley (later Livingstone!), taught at the A.K.H.S. in his time.

    I've possibly missed out the odd name, memory being what it is, and there were sundry comings and goings of a few staff due to the war years, but the above mentioned were to the best of my memory present 1942 - 1945.

    Overall, a happy period with the odd bad time that all shoolboys experience. I would have to say that the Prince of Wales School was a great institution with a dedicated staff to whom I personally, and I think many others, owe a great debt of gratitude, for instilling discipline and a sense of values that have stood me in good stead all my life.

    After leaving School: E.A.P&T, KPR, Telephone Manufacturers of South Africa, Pye Telecommunications, University of Auckland.
    Now living in Auckland, New Zealand.

    (Registered - 3rd February 2004)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Brian, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details