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   Alexis Mantheakis


Alexis Mantheakis

Nickname: Lex
House: Rhodes
Years: 1958-1963

Rhodes House, good teachers, great sports fields, freezing pool, morning fog on the upper pitches. Leave passes, satis cards, shopping lorries, house dances, trades,"pickies" and "pushies", Sunday passes to meet Boma and Loreto girls at the Thorn Tree, then 3pm flicks at the "Kenya" and "20th Century". Lazing in the dorms on Sundays when gated (for minor infractions, like having a boggie haircut) or when confined to school grounds while a junior. Great friends - Nala Smith, Mike Lawrence-Brown, Rhino Hartley, Terry Gill, Andy McIntyre, still in contact with some.

I left Kenya in 1963 to attend Stanford University in California, a five year period in the film and TV industries as an actor led me to the UK for 3 years and then to Greece. Settled in Athens, where I now reside. I work as a business consultant and media adviser to various companies and HNI, and write books and newspaper articles. In the summer of 2002 "Athena - In the Eye of the Storm" (about my experiences as the media adviser and spokesman of Athena Roussel, the Onassis heiress and her father,Thierry Roussel) was published in Greece and was featured on CNN, NBC and various other international channels. On Feb 3rd 2005 the book was released by (Editions) Favre in France and Switzerland in French translation (I can read it in French now thanks to Mr Minette and Alan Potter!), under the title "Athina Onassis dans l'oeil du cyclone", (available through amazon.fr). A Portuguese version was launched in Brazil ( Francisco Alvez publishers) last December. I am married to Dimitra, an archaeologist, and we have a 27 year-old daughter, Marina who obtained her MSc at SOAS (London University) in Public Administration.

I look forward to hearing from old friends and schoolmates from Kenya or elsewhere.

(Entry updated 21st Feb 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact Alexis, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details