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   Stylianos Malamatenios


Stylianos Malamatenios

Nickname: Mally
House: Rhodes
Year: 1952-1955
Memories of School:
  • That awful over-cooked marrow that I hid in my handkerchief so I could have dessert.
  • The senior raids: after getting beaten up countless times as juniors and intermediates by the seniors, some of us caught the seniors off guard asleep one time and beat them good with pillows and sand filled socks; but it was short-lived as they retaliated.
  • Several of us sneaked out and went to the movies in Nairobi on a boredom-filled Saturday. 1/4 mile of being safe coming back to the school, we saw chugging up the hill behind us a three or four tone Austin - you guessed it, "Flakey"!! We jumped into the bushes and heard the car stop and a voice call "come out of there!! The worst part was waiting for two weeks for our punishment and thinking maybe he forgot, but alas one day I was pulled out of class and caned six times.

    Since leaving School:
  • I did a five year apprenticeship with the East African Railways after leaving PoW.
  • I left Africa in 1962 and came to the States where I worked in various manufacturing companies. I worked my way up to manager.
  • I changed fields in the 1970's and started manufacturing computer disks, and retired in 2002.

    I am married with two sons and four grandchildren and I live in a small town in Northern California in the Sierra Foothills where I take care of my acreage and fool around with my cars.

    Stylianos Malamatenios - 1954
    Stylianos Malamatenios in the Coronation Safari - 1954

    Stylianos Malamatenios
    Stylianos (Laki) Malamatenios

    (Registered - 20th July 2008)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Stylianos (Laki), please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details