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   Gideon Luchiri


Gideon Luchiri

Nickname: Giddie
House: Tana (Fletcher)
Year: 1992-1995

Memories of School:
I have plenty, but what comes to most to mind were the good old rugby days when we cheered our "Patch Machine" team to winning their games. I remember when we were relegated from playing in the Prescott cup to the second division Damu Pevu cup. This was a mistake because we redeemed ourselves by thrashing all our opponents and ended up playing Patch A vs Patch B in the finals. This was a no brainer because we eventually moved back to the Prescott Cup. During the same year we were able to trounce our arch rivals "Changez" aka Lenana school by beating them at their own school to clinch the John Andrews Cup.

I remember those days when we had school functions aka "funkies". It was so interesting to see how guys would approach our sister schools and try to out-do each other. Those duels were great. I remember how those ladies at St Gee muscled us to buy them icecream.
,br> My highlight, that I will never forget, was when we went to RVA to play rugby and after some events that discredited us from competing, rumor went around that we had been suspended from the league. This did not sink in well with us. I mean, no rugby at 'Patch' = No classes, period. We were at Quad the next day and after singing the national anthem the whole school stood behind to the amazement of teachers. What followed next was the invasion of the quad and singing of the 'Patch anthem', and there followed the strike.

I cherished my moments being the school's vice hockey captain and the moments also being an assistant school librarian not forgeting my house prefect duties in Tana.

Nothing was more memorable in school that assembling in the quad and seeing the whole school in attendance. How about those inter house competitions. So intense.

I wish we had kept the old school name (Prince of Wales) and the original house names. They are so unique, but I guess times changed and we ended up with the new names.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, USA and work for JP Mprgan Chase.

(Registered - 24th October 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Gideon, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details