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   Rob Linck


Robert (Rob) S. Linck

Nickname: Dusty
House: Junior/Rhodes
Year: 1973-1974

Memories of School:
  • Junior day was headed by Pullen, a stern/no nonsense man, always wore askari shorts and pulled up socks, put the "fear factor" in many when he turned up.
  • The Sanatorium was next door to us, always "sick" in attendance just to miss class.
  • Keith Harrington in Art, Brian Thompson - French, Ferdi Keon always on his motorbike Honda Goldwing .... got wrapped on the knuckles by him once!
  • Got six-of-the-best just for having a quick look at someone else getting a lashing, next to the French class in the main building! Forget who gave it to me .....
  • In the latter days of school before leaving in May 1974, always left school after lunch, changed into "civies" and "hitched" a lift to Wilson airport as my love was aviation.

    Since leaving School
  • Flew for a while, then became self-employed and started in the beverage business, Mineral water etc ...... Kilimanjaro!
  • Apart from 8 years away after school, both in Denmark and then the UK, back in Kenya since 1982. I live in Karen, Kenya.

    Rob Linck in 1968 with President Jomo Kenyatta
    Rob Linck in 1968 meeting President Jomo Kenyatta

    Rob Linck
    Recent photo of Rob Linck

    (Registered - 12th Sept 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Rob, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details