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   Terje Lien


Terje Bruun Lien

Nickname: Terry
House: Nicholson
Year: Aug 1966 - June 1968

Memories of School:
Too many to mention, almost! But the comradeship at the House Study was special, and the formation of a Handball Team with fellow pupils from the Nordic countries. The Bach-Gansmo brothers were central to my life at school, as my parents lived in Kampala, and the boys' parents were very kind to take care of me in mid-term holidays and weekends. I almost made a few school teams (diving, hockey and rugby), but I wasn't quite good enough for a permanent place!

My memories of Nairobi School are fond and all good. I can't remember a single traumatic moment except for the Black Power rising - I think it was early 1967, when there was a curfew and all sharp objects were confiscated. As I remember it, school was closed for a week, but I'm not sure. I enjoyed the sports and other activities, such as School Play competition at The National Theatre. I think we came second in 1967 or early 1968.

Since leaving School:
Educated as a primary school teacher, I have never worked as such. My career started in broadcasting (radio/TV) as a journalist, went on to PR and marketing, government executive, consultant - and for the last ten years - a teacher in secondary school! Subjects are English, Social Sciences, Marketing and Media subjects.

Married and divorced twice - one daughter born 1986, about to get married third time around . . . .
I live in Drammen, Norway, my native country.

(Registered - 25th Jan 2011)

If anyone wishes to contact Terje, please Click Here to e-mail him