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   David Law-Smith


David Law-Smith

House: Rhodes
Year: 1952-1958

It is wonderful to see we have a web site, having lost contact because I have lived in various parts of the world, including some 22 years in the USA.

Thank goodness we are able to keep the Old Cambrian Society going. It was started by my uncle Reggie Alexander and a Dick Jessop after they came back from the War and built the club which became The Impala Club. I was the junior member of the committee in 1960/61. I was in Rhodes House (the same as Reggie Alexander, a founder student)

I have some wonderful memories of my time in Rhodes House. Lots of sport, house dances, some work and a memorable final year as a prefect with Tony Levy, Jon Davies, Peter Perfect, ? Wilson. Sadly both Tony Levy and Bob Walsh died too young.

On leaving the PoW, I joined our family Chartered Accounting practice, Alexander, McClennan, Trundell & Co (several Old Cambrian partners), for training with other Old Cambrians - Gordon Bell, Ted David, Peter Blunt and others. Continued playing sport in Nairobi for some years and while playing cricket was encouraged to apply for a finance position in Caltex Oil Kenya, first in Nairobi. Three years after marrying a "Convent girl "in 1964, I was transferred to Sydney, Australia followed by Madagascar, Korea and the Far East.

In 1977 I was transferred to the corporate HQ in New York and moved to Dallas with the HQ in 1982. During his period I was sent off for extended spells to Harvard and Stanford Graduate Business Schools. I was elected Vice Chairman and CFO of Caltex Petroleum Corporation in 1993 and Chairman & CEO in 1995 and retired at 60 at the Millennium having spent many years travelling the globe on business.

Our two sons, Craig & Kevin (both married), seem to be on the international track following a US and British education. We have a home in Seattle, USA but spend most of our time in Shamley Green enjoying an overdue appreciation of Britain and Europe.

(Registered - 16th Dec 2002; Updated - 28th Sept 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact David, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details