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   Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa


Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa

Nickname: Ricky
House: Rhodes
Years: 1962-July 1963

Memories of School:
It was such a long time ago!!! Going to the flicks with a fixed reel bike to Nairobi and just making it back to school afterwards.

Since leaving the School:
  • From September 1963 I went to Dollar Academy, Dollar - Scotland, where I took and passed my 'O' levels.
  • Went back to Uganda to join my parents in Kampala, and worked a while with an auditing company and a branch of Twentche Overseas Trading Co. In the meantime my father left the Uganda company to join Kilembe Mines where I joined up with my folks in 1966.
  • Early 1969 I left for Rhodesia to join the BSAP in Salisbury.
  • In 1972 I left for my country of origin, Italy, to find myself a new job and a future.
  • In August 1973 I married an Italian girl, Antonia, a teacher working for the Italian Public Schools, who gave me two boys "Christian (1974) and Massimo (1977)".
  • After having tried various jobs, for which I was not happy, I created an interior design company until 1980 when I was called to represent a company for African Cooperation projects, financed by the Italian Government, involved in the supply of Technical Education lab equipment which this company manufactured.
  • In 1989 I continued this work by forming an independent company with exclusive rights for African and Middle Eastern markets.
  • Three years ago I had a very serious heart operation caused by a severe diabetese problem, which persists today and which consequenses have made me retire at quite an early age of 61. I am now 64 years old.

    I presently live in Southern Italy at Lauria (Province of Potenza near the East Coast), having previouisly lived in the capital city of Rome.

    Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa
    Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa - 2011

    Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa
    Photo of my house at Dollar Academy (I'm the one marked with a red ring and very much what I looked like when I had left PoW)

    Lucio (Ricky) La Rosa
    Group photo in Uganda (1966) just before curfew in Kampala (in this photo on the end right is Tony Antoniou (Rhodes)

    (Registered - 8th Jan 2012)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ricky, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details