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   Roland Kuhn


Roland Kuhn

House: Junior Day/Hawke
Years: 1970-1972
I attended Nairobi School for just Forms 1 and 2. Before that & afterwards, my family lived in Toronto, Canada.

I have very happy memories of Nairobi School & of my friends there - I much preferred it to school in Canada. The only thing I didn't like about Nairobi School was the prefects ... Much later, my old Nairobi School friend Atsiaya visited me & my then girlfriend (now wife) in Toronto, & we reminisced about our school days. On another occasion, I got together with Ali Karim.

I remember quite a few of the teachers, & the Headmaster during my time, Fred Dollimore. How many remember that little (Dachshund) dog of his, Pompidou? I can still hear Mr. Dollimore's high-pitched voice calling "Pompey, Pompey".

After finishing high school, I attended the University of Toronto, where I studied mathematics & biology. I then spent an excessive amount of time in various graduate schools, ending up with three Master's degrees and a PhD in Computer Science from McGill University. My research area for several years was speech recognition by machines - if you type the phrases "cache language model" or "eigenvoices" into www.google.com, you can read about some of my work. More recently, I've been doing research on programs that translate text in one language to another.

My wife, Susan Haight, and I have two boys, both born in Montreal: Alexander (born 1994) and Thomas (born 1996). From Oct. 1996 to June 2004 I worked for Panasonic, the big Japanese consumer electronics company, at a research lab in California. This job gave me the opportunity to learn some Japanese and to live in Santa Barbara, the most beautiful small city in the US.

In the summer of 2004, in response to a job offer from the National Research Council of Canada, we moved to Ottawa, which by coincidence is the city in which I was born. I work mainly in French.

Friends from Nairobi School are welcome to get in touch with me - please click below.

(Registered - 9th June 2004, updated 1st November 2006)

If anyone wishes to contact Roland, please Click Here to e-mail him