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   Peter Knight


Peter Knight

House: Junior/Rhodes
Years: 1960-1965
Head of School - 1965

Memories of School:
  • At lights-out on that first night in Junior, when the Head of House was stalking up and down the dorm and telling us we were the scum of the earth and slashing the ends of our beds with his cane to emphasize that we must defer to anyone senior, even a lowly second year, I realised I was in for an education.
  • I remember firework fights where we all hurled bangers at each other in the pitch dark.
  • The struggling and shouting in the surging queue for a film to be shown in the school hall.
  • Someone kneeling by his bed and praying for us all during the Cuban missile crisis.
  • The joy on hearing we were all to be sent home a few days early so Belgian nuns fleeing from the Congo could shelter in our dorms.
  • Getting up and talking after lights out on the night we heard Kennedy was assassinated and prefects coming in and joining the discussion.
  • I remember smoking on the shopping lorry and the prefect tacitly agreeing to it as long as you held the fag cupped in your hand so no one could see it.
  • Seeing a visiting production of "Waiting For Godot" and puzzling afterwards about what it meant.
  • Going to the "Boma" to rehearse "The Mikado" with real live girls.
  • Tearing the skin off my knees playing Rugby on the hard, dry ground when the rains were late.
  • Listening bemusedly to Honnegar in the dusty chaos of Jack Lockart's music room.
  • Throwing silver paper darts to stick to the ceiling whenever Canon Capon turned to the blackboard.
  • I remember how Mr.Potter called every boy in the class 'Peter', and paused when he came to me.
  • I remember marching with the band at the Independence Day celebrations.
  • Showing rural African boys how to make a bed for morning inspection.
  • Chasing flagging lines of small boys round the cross-country course.
  • The absolute silence that fell when Mr Wigmore entered the school hall for school assembly, a silence I have never heard again in an educational institution.

    Since leaving School:
    After the Prince of Wales School I studied at Leeds University and went on to a teaching career in Yorkshire, where I still live. I have now retired and taken to voluntary work to occupy my time.

    My wife and I have been together for 35 years and have two grown up daughters.

    Discovering the website released a flood of memories.

    My father, Geoffrey (G.C. Knight a.k.a. 'Dudu'), was a teacher at the Prince of Wales School from 1946-1955. He was Housemaster of Rhodes House from 1953-1955.
    Click here to access his Obituary page.

    (Registered - 6th February 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Peter, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details