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   David Kitley


Rev. David Kitley

Nickname: Kitbag!
House: Scott
Years: Jan 1967 - July 1969
Memories of the School:
  • A fantastic preparation for life, far better in retrospect than the very tame two years at an English public school that followed. I was at PoW at the time of transition from an all-white school to an all-Kenyan school; I remember the Headmaster, Mr Ironside (better known as 'Tinribs'!) saying that there were 22 nationalities in the school. (Or was it 27?)
  • Sharing a truly international study! Composed of:
        Handa, and Indian Hindu
        Nduru, a Kenyan
        Myself of English missionary stock
        Remedios, a Roman Catholic from Goa
        Allen, a Canadian who said he was an athiest
        Dogra, a Sikh (who now runs an Indian restaurant in
          Birmingham, ask me for details!)
        Rosati, an Italian (he was constantly in fights; did he join the
  • An all-victorious 1969 Scott House water-polo team! Along with Swimming captain Brian Durrad (where is he now?). Beating Nicholson House who had some excellent swimmers (the Isherwoods swam for Kenya) but a really dozey Greek goalkeeper!
  • Being hungry a lot.....Finances were tight, and amongst other things the school food budget was cut.
    Memories of walks to the ABC supermarket or the duka, and eating an entire loaf of bread each! (There's not much you can do after eating a whole loaf of bread!).
    I learned to eat everything, and to value money.
  • Scott House had a reputation for being fairly rough in those days, and we had our moments. But there is a tremendous sense of having come through that and survived, and of being far 'richer' for it. Where are the prefects now who had such power and influence, mere lads at the time? Lawrence Nightingale, Millar, Wayne Job, Maclennan, Ellis, Mike Rodgers?

    Since leaving School:
    1969-71 A-levels at Monkton Combe School
    1972       Switzerland, learning French
    1972-75 Degree at Durham University, General Arts in French,
          German, Economics
    1975-77 Worked in New Delhi, India, in a mission to European
        drug-addicts, hippies, drop- outs
    1978-81 Training for ordination into the Church of England, at
        Trinity College Bristol (UK)
    1979        Marriage to Cathie Steven, a farmer's daughter from
        Westerham, Kent
    1981-84 Curate at St Stephen's, Tonbridge, Kent
    1984-91 Vicar of Emmanuel, Southall, Middlesex
    1991-2009 Vicar of Christ Church, Dartford, Kent,
          and Rural Dean of Dartford 1997-2006
    2009+ Vicar of St Mary's Church, Kippington, Sevenoaks,
          and Bishop's Adviser for links overseas.

    Achievement - climbed Kili in 1997! Recommend zara@kilinet.co.tz as a tour company for anyone else wishing to do it! They are based in Moshi.

    Children: Jonathan born 1987, Helen born 1992

    (Registered - 18th June 2003) (Updated - 16th March 2010)

  • If anyone wishes to contact David, please Click Here to e-mail him