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   Asif Khan


Asif Khan

Nickname: JJ
House: Elgon (Clive)
Years: 1980-1983

Memories of School: The friends I made .... I'm still in touch with over 20 high school buddies on a regular basis. I remember end of year parties, French loaf and high life sherry. I remember greasing out of school with Mwangi DB, Tony Kiiru, Eric Matheka, Peter Njenga, Kamande to Chox for thier annual Miss Chox party .... that was off the hook.

  • I remember winnning the Black Rock (1983) at Saints. Rombo went wild on them.
  • I was Captain of swimming, squash and tennis by Form 2 ..... no more trades...yeahhhh
  • I remember friends like Buluma, Warutere, Kimanthi, Muganda, Matheka, Abuya Abuya, Stewart, DB, Kieti, Jabone, Monari ... the jokes were priceless.
  • I remember eating jam tarts, pizza, steak , eggs, sausages in Form 1. Beans and rice on a daily basis by Form 4.
  • I remember watching the movie "The Car" at least 8 times in 4 years ... Xanadu about 6 times, what was up with that??

    Since leaving School:
  • I went to university of Maryland for 4 years (Business)
  • I am currently running my own music entertainment company
  • I reside in Washington, DC, USA.

    (Registered - 14th June 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Asif, please Click Here to e-mail him