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   Harold (Hal) Kent


Harold (Hal) Kent

House: Junior
Years: 1969

I was at the school for just one year - 1969 - Form 1.

My father taught at Kagumo Teacher's College in Nyeri for 2 years, and we moved back to the US in 1970.

Went to Stanford University, and currently living in California, USA. I work in the Silicon Valley on new medical devices.

Memories of School:
  • Samuel Kariuki - Prefect (Head of House), who kept me out of trouble.
  • "Papa" Awori - friend
  • "The great bee adventure" in which a few of the bored members of the Science Club threw blocks of concrete through a large bee's nest in the branches of a tree and ran away. Unfortunately the rest of us downwind were attacked by the furious bees ...... no harm done, because I dove off a cliff with bushes below, was on my way to the river/creek but was blocked by elephant grass, found some mud to dive into and pack my eyes and ears, 3 hours later emerged from the valley, and then a few days spent in the "San". Two weeks later my brother counted 275 bee stings on me ....... Great story for my kids...
  • Getting caned for going to a Science Club meeting instead of "Choir" ....... still can't figure that one out.

    (Registered - 27th June 2006)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Hal, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details